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Start of Week 3 Update

Hi All,

Dr. Breuer posted a larger announcement in Blackboard, so make sure to check it out! I also have two quick comments:

  1. When using Facebook for social media A/B participation assignments, please post as a comment on the main announcement (currently #2162-2301-002 Social Media Activities 1A). This is going to help us keep better track of your assignments. It works the same way as the visitor post, so there isn’t any difference except where the post resides. If you have posted in the visitor section, we ask that you add it as a comment instead. Please let us know if you have any questions. As we mentioned, we are trying out a few things and determining what works best.
  2. As we start to get toward the end of Unit 1, We are going to post a research survey in Blackboard. We will ask about the bootcamp, course design, learning preferences, etc. This will help us greatly as we move forward in the course.

Great work so far!

Professor D.

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