Assignments and Schedule

GRADING: Your knowledge of the course materials will be assessed through Participation (20% of the semester grade), Quizzes and Tests (20% of the semester grade), and Assignments (60%) of the semester grade).

Your grade for this course will be based upon 10000 quality points. Points earned on each assignment simply add up. At the end of the course, your earned semester grade will be based on the following scale:

Grade Scale: A = 9000-10000; B = 8000-8999; C = 7000-7999; D = 6000-6999; F = 5999 and below

Students are expected to keep track of their performance throughout the semester and seek guidance from available sources (including the instructor) if their performance drops below satisfactory levels.


Participation: As you move through the course materials (the history under study), you will have several ways to interact with the materials, instructors, and your fellow students. You will be able to choose from a menu of participation options and you will accumulate participation points for each interaction. You may do as many of these participation options as you wish, but your points will max out at 200 for Bootcamp and 600 for each of the three units (for a total of 2000 participation points for the semester).

Choices for participation include:

  • Discussion Boards
  • Joining a History Live! – an instructor led virtual session
  • Social Media presence
  • Surveys
  • Reflections – a quick short answer response to something you have just watched, read, or accessed in the course materials with no right or wrong answer
  • Possible other choices as the semester progresses

You will be provided more information on each of these options and the various points each are worth in the course module.

Quizzes and Tests: Worth up to 2000 points total (or 20% of semester grade). There are three types of quizzes and tests in this course: Check Quizzes, Unit Tests, and a Comprehensive Final Essay (the final exam).

Each of the three Units of course materials has 500 points of quiz/test available. You may earn your points in two ways

  • You can choose to check your mastery of a particular subtopic by taking a Check Quiz (5 multiple choice questions) upon completion. These check quizzes will be worth a total of 500 points per unit. You may take each check quiz twice and we will record the highest grade. If you are satisfied with your cumulative grade on the check quizzes for the unit, you do not need to take the unit test.
  • The unit test consists of 50 multiple choice questions over all of the materials in that unit. You will have one attempt at this test.
  • You may do both the check quizzes (cumulative) and the unit test and we will record the highest grade of the two as your Quiz/Test grade for that unit.

Everyone must complete the Final Comprehensive Essay (worth 500 points or 5% of your grade). This 3-4 page essay will be your opportunity to reflect upon the entirety of the course. It is open book/note and will be due during finals week. This essay constitutes your final exam. You will be given the essay prompt the last week of the semester.

Assignments: This course uses an assignment bank approach. You may do as many of these assignments as you wish and you may earn up to 2000 points in each unit. Some assignments must be done individually, but others you can choose to work on in groups of 2-4 students. Assignments are worth either 500, 1000, or 1500 points and there are bonus points available for turning in assignments by the Early Bird due date.

Assignment Points Bonus Individual Group
Exit Tickets 500 25 Yes No
Diigo or Listly Curation 500 25 Yes Yes
Annotated Timeline 500 25 Yes Yes
2-3 page Essay 1000 50 Yes No
Document Analysis 1000 50 Yes No
Historical Geography Project (Story Map) 1500 75 Yes Yes
Video Storytelling Project 1500 75 Yes Yes
Thinglink Project 1500 75 Yes Yes
Create Your Own Project (proposal approval required) ? ? Yes Yes

See course module for more details on these assignments and assessments and how to work in a group or propose your own project. Note that you can combine elements above to reach 2000 points (for example you may wish to create a timeline or a curation on the same topic as a Story Map or Video you are creating. You may attempt more than 2000 points, but the maximum points earned will be 2000 per unit. Grading will be done on a rolling basis, so if you turn things in early and are not satisfied with the points you have earned to date in a unit, then you can do an additional assignment to bring your grade up (Note that if you wait until the last possible date to turn in assignments you will not get your grades back in time to choose to do another assignment, so plan accordingly).

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