Course Framework

DESCRIPTION OF COURSE CONTENT: This course surveys significant developments prior to 1500 in world history. It explores the achievements and experiences of great civilizations, emphasizing major historical figures and epochs, important ideas and religions, and factors of continuity and change. Particular emphasis is given to the development of the world’s religions and the cultural exchanges and encounters of the world’s peoples. The course provides a foundation for understanding our heritage and shared values, and introduces students to the historical forces that have shaped today’s world. This course is student centered, employs active learning, and provides opportunity for interaction with subject matter, the instructors, and your fellow students.

Please note that this is an experimental course section. Dr. Breuer (History Department) and Mr. Dellinger (of the UTA LINK Lab) are researching some innovative online learning practices in this course. We will be giving you an opportunity to provide feedback to help us tweak the course as the semester progresses. You will be able to choose your own path through this course (within certain constraints) and we will provide you with instructor suggested pathways and guidance along the way. This is not a “read the book and take a high-stakes test” type of online course. We will be trying out some interesting tech (don’t worry, we will be giving you step-by-step instructions along the way in addition to one-on-one support as needed) as well.


CLASS FORMAT: This is a 100% online, web-delivered course. There are many opportunities for students to interact with the instructor and each other throughout this course. While there is great flexibility as to how and when you complete your work, this course is not self-paced. It is imperative that students keep up with the pace of the class and pay attention to due dates. Successful online students are self-starters with good time management skills. This course resides in Blackboard with links to a class website. It is the student’s responsibility to log into Blackboard ( on the first day of class to access the module.

HOW TO ACCESS THE COURSE MODULE: This course resides in Blackboard ( and will become available on first day of the semester; I will email the class when the module is available. We will also be utilizing an additional software called Pro-Solo for some assignments and students will be creating a personal portfolio for World History posted on their own personal web domain (provided free of charge by UTA).  Full information and how-to instructions will be available in the course module.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: You will upload documents in this course and will need appropriate software. If you do not already have it, Microsoft Office is available from the UTA Bookstore for a substantial discount and it will allow you to complete all assignments in this course. If you choose to use software other than Microsoft Office, I will not be able to support you and you may risk improper submissions. *Note* – You cannot use anything older than Microsoft Office 2007 (PC)/2008 (Mac) for Word Documents, but you may submit a pdf file. No other types of files are permitted unless otherwise stated in the course module.

If you have not already done so, you should check to make sure that your system is configured correctly. Go to to see a list of requirements. If you are not at the most recent update, you may have issues opening some items in Blackboard.

A note about BROWSERS: The recommended browser for Blackboard is Firefox. However, I also require that you have another browser available on your computer (Chrome is a good second choice, but any other browser will do). Why? Well, sometimes there are updates to either the browser or to Blackboard. When this happens, some content might not display in a particular browser.

Always contact me first if you are having technical issues. I will often be able to quickly resolve your issue, but if not I will be able to help you craft the description of your problem and what issues we have ruled out so that the OIT Help Desk will be better able to pinpoint your problem. Before contacting me with a technical issue with course materials, always access the material in your back-up browser. If it displays properly, then it is an issue with a recent update of software for your primary browser. Use the backup browser for a day or two (this gives Blackboard a chance to adjust their settings). Also check the Technical Help FAQ, located under the “Important Information” tab in the course module menu, for troubleshooting information for common problems.

Ancient History Meets Advanced Instructional Strategies